Bryan Health: More than 40% of people tested Friday in Crete were COVID-19 positive

Bryan Health's mobile unit tested 78 people and received 33 positives (42%). One test result is still pending. 
Bryan Test

More than 40 percent of the people tested for COVID-19 in Crete on Friday returned positive results, Bryan Health officials announced Monday.

Bryan Health’s mobile unit tested 78 people and received 33 positives (about 42%). One test result is still pending.

Since Friday, Saline County’s number of confirmed cases has tripled from 20 to 60, according to DHHS data available Monday morning.

Health officials have expressed concern that food processing plants in the area could make Crete a hot spot for the coronavirus moving forward. Public Health Solutions (PHS) said investigations have confirmed 47 positive COVID-19 cases associated with Smithfield Foods in Saline County.

John Woodrich, CEO of Bryan Medical Center, said the new numbers confirmed what they “thought was happening there.” Woodrich said Bryan Health is working with local health and government officials to do a “deeper dive” into how Crete residents are living together. He said steps needs to be taken to educate people on social distancing and separating elderly or at-risk individuals from others.

“That’s where the real work begins,” he said.

Bryan Health’s mobile testing center will be in Crete again Tuesday. The mobile unit will be stationed near 9th and Oak from 3:30-6:30 p.m, and has spots for 160 people.

Those wishing to be tested should call 402-481-5121 ahead of time to set up an appointment.







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