Bryan Health reaffirms UNL study on how environments impact infants

 A study done by the University of Nebraska says quieter environments may result in better health outcomes for premature infants.

A Bryan Health nurse working in the NICU says they do a number of things to keep the units calm and quiet at all times of the day.

“We are at between 40 and 50 decimals which is very quiet and whispering, the parents are also there,” Laurie Ketterl, the NICU Nurse Manager said. “We also keep the lights down because lights can be a little bit like noise as well.”

Ketterl also stated that the staff cover the beds with blankets in order to keep the environment neutral.

In the event where a baby is transferred to another room, the nurses often go as far as to put ear muffs on the babies ears to reduce the noise. 

Ketterl also says the research about noise level reaffirms that the precautions the nurses take is very important to the babies.

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