Changes coming to area south of Haymarket

A portion of K Street should look substantially different in a year's time.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Between 7th and 8th Streets, just below Rosa Parks Way, a portion of K Street is well hidden. The pavement abruptly ends, and the area turns into one big gravel lot. You can expect that to change in a year or less.

Lincoln’s Urban Development Director Dan Marvin says, “We currently have a bid outstanding; I think the bid documents will come back and we would expect to start construction probably sometime early next year”.

From there, the gravel will turn to pavement, the biggest piece of an entirely overhauled area: parking, food trucks, and of course, sidewalks to reach all of it.

“Parts of Haymarket South currently don’t have sidewalks”, explains Marvin, “so we can increase pedestrian traffic through here”.

Much of the plan is designed to fulfill needs. The immediate area doesn’t have many dining options, thus the plan for food trucks. Parking is always a hot commodity, and if you travel down the road just a bit, there’s another addition planned. Marvin excitedly asks, “Basketball in the downtown, how cool is that, underneath the bridge?”

That’s right, the plans call for 3-on-3 basketball action. It’s an aspect of the plans defined by the realities of the area: you can’t just remove bridge supports. The bridge itself isn’t an obstacle, necessarily. Creative lighting solutions should make the place look pretty attractive, which is one of the main goals of all this. As Marvin explains, it’s meant to be “an attraction that stimulates development in the south of Haymarket area”.

Indeed, looking at the larger project plan, you can see call-outs for “future structures” to join the landscape eventually. Regardless, it should be a big improvement of the portion of the street in question. It’s certainly an exciting project.

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