Concert held at Ashland winery to raise money for flood relief efforts

An Ashland woman got creative when she enlisted the help of a few local bands to put on a concert at an area winery.

On Sunday, a concert was held at the Cellar 426 Winery near the Ashland exit on Interstate 80 to enjoy some local music, drink wine and help raise money for flood victims.

The event idea stemmed from a Facebook conversation, brainstorming ideas to help displaced community members who were hit hard by the historic flooding in March.

“People were talking about doing what they could for flood relief and somebody had the idea of bands doing a benefit so I told a couple of my fellow band mates and said it sounded like a good idea,” said Dan Prescher, a guitarist for the Linoma Mashers.

Two Omaha bands, the Prairie Gators and the Linoma Mashers, came out to perform, and Charlie Burton of Lincoln was the nightcap.

Event organizer Julie Miller says a lot of people are still displaced right now in Ashland and in need of support.

“They had to leave and they still haven’t been able to come back. It’s been a very long, slow process. Very traumatic for them, you can imagine, having to leave your home and not being able to come back,” said Miller.

Throughout the afternoon and early evening hours, people were enjoying the live music and generously donating money for flood victims who are still without a home.

“It’s nice that we’re able to keep this in the forefront of everyone’s mind and understand that people are still struggling and people still need help,” said Miller.

Dan Prescher says playing at events like these and helping people in need is what it’s all about.

“There’s nothing better, I mean doing what you love to do for a good cause, that’s why we play, that’s why we do it.”

Event organizers report that over $4,000 was raised on Sunday.

All of it is going toward helping those in need right now.

If you’d like to donate, all the proceeds are going to the Ashland Ministerial Alliance at 1441 Bill’s Dr, Ashland, NE, 68003.

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