CORONAVIRUS: Number of cases and community contact in Lincoln

Many have asked where people who tested positive have been. Here is the answer officials are giving.
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As of Friday morning, officials have reported 14 lab-confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Lincoln and Lancaster County.

Only one of those cases is considered to be community spread, meaning health officials couldn’t trace how the person came in contact with the virus.

According to the latest information from city officials, the positive cases in Lincoln have not reported community contact in the city itself. The only reported community contact has been at two establishments in Omaha and other locations outside the City of Lincoln.

In early March, a 16-year-old Crofton High School student tested positive for COVID-19. Officials say that boy had attended two basketball games in Lincoln before his diagnosis was known.

As of Friday, 97 people were actively being monitored due to their travel history or exposure. The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has reported 544 negative tests. An additional eight tests are currently pending, though that number does not include pending results from private labs.

There are 278 confirmed cases in Nebraska. Six deaths have also been reported. You can find a county-by-county breakdown of the numbers here: click here.

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