Fan reaction to the announcement of Adrian Martinez being named starting QB

Posted By: Pierce Georlett 

Early Sunday morning the Huskers announced the new starting Quarterback.

Adrian Martinez, a Freshman from California, this has a lot of husker fans excited.

"I think it’s pretty good we’ve got some nice fresh young legs right there at quarterback and he’s gonna have a lot of pressure on him because we’re expecting to win with Scott frost coming here but I think he’ll do pretty good. You know he has a nice strong arm and he has some legs under him," says Mason Woodward. 

Even though Adrian Martinez is a freshman it doesn’t have Husker fans worried.

"I think Adrian Martinez being the Husker starting QB is good because like fresh start with Scott Frost, brand new quarterback is a freshman, I think it’s gonna be good connection, it’s gonna be great," said Dalton Bachac.

"I think that it will be fun and that it will be interesting he’s very young but he should help us," added Matthew Sullivan. 

With the announcement happening on Sunday morning some husker fans felt as though Scott Frost had already made up his mind about the starting Quarterback position.

"Last night I went to the boneyard bash and you could just tell, he lead the team out a little they went and shook hands with all of the fans and him and Morgan were leading it, and I got a selfie with one of them, but yea I think Adrian fits the system pretty well, I was down for Gebbia too, like Gebbia is awesome but I think Martinez is going to kill it. I’m pumped for it," said Aidan Pauley. 

The excitement for next week’s first game might be at an all-time high.

"Yea I was super excited because I haven’t been to a football game before. So I was super excited, and now having that news, I’m even more hyped for next week," said Jordan Rodriguez. 

We put a poll on Sunday morning  asking if people were in favor of Adrian in Martinez and the results were in overwhelming support for the new Huskers Quarterback.

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