UPDATE: Penn State and Football Karma

By: Cole Miller

Some are calling it karma. We're talking about a play during Saturday's Husker game against Penn State and one that happened 30 years ago.

Some people say it's basically two wrongs making a right. There's even a t-shirt explaining it. And a former Husker gives us his take on the whole thing.

Penn State hosting Nebraska. September 25, 1982. Todd Blackledge throws a quick pass. The refs rule it a catch, the crowd goes wild…but a closer look and this guy was clearly out of bounds.

Fast forward to last Saturday, where Nittany Lions Tight End Matt Lehman appears to cross the plane, but loses the ball. The call stands as a fumble. Some say its “Football Karma.”

“I know lots of Husker fans were discussing this after the game. The touchdown call that was or wasn't and there's some controversy about that. So, we kind of thought something fun to kind of show the karma behind football, sometimes it happens,” Best of Big Red's Katie Lattimer said.

So they made a t-shirt showing a skewed football field with both of those controversial calls. Or “Thirty years to make things right.”

Bill Weber, a Defensive End, was on the 1982 Husker squad.

“I was rushing the passer and really didn't see whether he was in or out and you're just trying to gather yourself and get ready for the next play and it wasn't until after the game that we saw the highlights and realized how poor the call was,” Weber said.

So were the football gods working in the Huskers favor?

“I know when you have close plays, calls are going to go different ways. It certainly isn't a conspiracy of any kind that's for sure,” Weber said.

We can't do anything to change those calls now, and down the road, we'll have to see if “Football Karma” keeps things in order.

The “Football Karma” t-shirts are now available at Best of Big Red. They're located at 70th and A in the Clocktower Plaza.

The implications weren't as big in this past Saturday's game, but back in '82, that game was the Husker's only loss of the season. The Nittany Lions would go on to become National Champions.