Governor Ricketts signs Legislative Bill 209

Governor Ricketts signed Legislative Bill 209 on Monday, another bill that addresses the abortion conflict. 

“You know Nebraska is a pro-life state,” Ricketts said. 

LB-209 requires doctors to notify women who are taking a chemical abortion pill, that the process can be reversed within a certain period of time. 

Ricketts outlines the bill by saying, “The key points is requiring health care providers to be able to make sure that they are informing women up front that if they go through this process it is reversible within a certain period of time if they change their minds.”

Nebraska state law already requires women to meet with a physician and then wait 24 hours to follow through with an abortion. 

“Governor Ricketts signed in a reckless bill that will force doctors as well as our state human services department to give women misinformation about abortions,” NE Democratic Party Chairwoman Jane Kleeb said. 

Not everyone agrees that the bill advances Nebraska’s pro-life stance. 

“We know that women are often faced with very difficult situations and nobody is raising their hand saying please let me get an abortion this is a serious medical decision that women have to make and they make it not very lightly,” Kleeb said.

The governor says Nebraska state government is working to help women on all fronts.

“And we continue to look for ways to do that whether it is by providing women more maternity leave donated from their teammates here in the state government or what we are doing  with regard to how we are improving our service,” Ricketts said. 

It’s now up to health and human services to provide the language and information for providers to give to their patients. 


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