H.F. Crave grand opening at North Lincoln location

A popular Lincoln restaurant has a new home.

HF Crave moved from South Lincoln to the North part of town.

“We are grinding our beef in house now, so it makes it really fresh and it makes it ours and we season it with our own seasoning,” Co-owner Nikke Hollenbeck said. 

The new Crave had it’s grand opening today, it’s at 48th and Holdredge St. 

The owners are proud that all the meat and vegetables they serve are grown on their 120 acre farm, which is located about 25 miles outside of Lincoln.

“Sometimes we’ll have something cut that will grow in the garden that’ll do well, and so we’ll formulate a recipe for a burger based on that, because it’s plentiful,” Hollenbeck said. 

Nikki and her husband J.R. also offer special gluten free options for all of their burgers.


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