‘I was kind of expecting more’: Lincolnites, city workers didn’t have much snow to move

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Lincoln got its most precipitation since July on Thursday, a little over eight-tenths of an inch.

The Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Department worked nonstop all night and early into the morning to make sure the main roads were safe for the morning commute. 

“Last night, evening and early morning we did had several bands that came through Lincoln and dropped some additional snowfall, enough to create some slick conditions,” said Tim Byrne, maintenance operations manager for LTU. “And then crews would continually need to start over and re-clear and re-treat streets.” 

LTU said it clears the roads in order of priority. 

“Arterial streets and snow routes … those receive the highest levels of service,” Byrne said. “Those are the streets that the city most relies on for commuting.” 

LTU said the second priority is school and bus routes. 

Residential streets are not a priority and are cleared if necessary. 

The department said it had plans in place based on the forecast and was prepared for more snow. 

Just like city officials, many Lincoln residents woke up early Thursday morning to clean out their driveways and were expecting more snow.

“I’m excited that we got some,” resident Jeannette Christianson said. “I was kind of expecting more. We haven’t had too much lately.”

LTU suspended winter operations around 4 p.m. Thursday. 

“Tomorow morning. we will reassess, and if we have areas that needs some further attention or service request that came in overnight, then we will be out responding to those,” Byrne said. 

City officials say everyone should keep an eye out for areas that are wet or slushy.

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