Incoming Husker freshman Nash Hutmacher ready to get to work

From taking Scott Frost hunting to All-America status at the high school level to a sweet nickname, Nash Hutmacher is arguably Nebraska's most popular incoming freshman entering the fall.

OACOMA, S.D. – From taking Scott Frost hunting to All-America status at the high school level to a sweet nickname, Nash Hutmacher is arguably Nebraska’s most popular incoming freshman entering the fall.

Hutmacher was a three-time all-state football player at Chamberlain High School in South Dakota, also becoming the state’s only four-time state wrestling champion, finishing his career undefeated with 73-straight pins.

“Almost all my goals I set for myself I accomplished so I’m pretty happy with how high school turned out” Hutmacher said.

And the kid they dub the “Polar Bear” for his blonde hair and ferocious wrestling style is taking his talents to Lincoln.

“There’s kind of a controversy on who said it first,” Hutmacher said. “It’s not like it’s a bad nickname, it’s a pretty cool nickname. For the amount of fans that’d be calling me that when I go down for game days, walking into the stadium people would call me that. So I think it will stick.”

Hutmacher’s love of the outdoors though is what helped him stick to Nebraska football.

The Oacoma, S.D. native hunts and fishes regularly.

“It’s a way to relax and it’s something I’ve always done. My dad would take me hunting or fishing when I was younger, It’s something that I’ve been doing pretty much my whole life.”

It’s also how Hutmacher was able to make an instant connections with Scott Frost

“It’s pretty awesome to just be able to sit down and talk to him about that kind of stuff. Cause he’s been doing it forever, I’ve been doing it forever. So it’s pretty cool to just tell hunting stories back and forth.”

Still, it was Hutmacher’s work ethich that first sold the Nebraska’s head coach and his level head. Despite being one of the more popular players among Husker nation heading into the season, he’s keeping a level head.

“The situation I’ve been in in high school, always being that No. 1 guy everyone is going for,” Hutmacher said. “Being one of the most well known wrestlers in South Dakota, to me it’s really not that big of a deal. Can’t let it get to your head, you’ve got to keep working hard. You can’t expect everything to be given to you because of your name or how much people like you. You’ve got to work for that stuff. It’s kind of earned I guess you could say.”

And with that mentality, Hutmacher is ready to tackle a wide open defensive line room after losing three players to the NFL this past season.

“You know, there’s opportunity,” Hutmacher said. “And If I get down there and they want me to be the guy, I’ll be the guy.”

Hutmacher is also itching to get to Nebraska and help rebuild the football program back to greatness.

“That’s obviously the goal. You just got to keep your head down and keep grinding. And get better. So like I said, I just can’t wait to get down there and be a part of it.”

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