Lincoln Public School committee talk about facility and infrastructure needs

A Lincoln Public Schools committee made up of 100 parents and community leaders presented preliminary recommendations on Tuesday.

“Our goal is to build a consensus so we can forward it to the superintendent and ultimately the school board to kind of inform what’s going on and what LPS should do about it’s facility needs,” committee co-chair, Nick Cusick said.

All six subcommittees gave recommendations on the target area they were given.

The six areas included infrastructure and finance, early childhood and community learning centers, new high schools, high school athletics and activities, high school focus programs and alternatives and new elementary and middle schools.

“The focus was helping to think through what the school facility needs might be, in terms of capital investments and in terms of renovations, on going projects and focus programs,” committee co-chair, Maribel Cruz said.

Many Lincoln Public School’s are over capacity so building new school’s was brought up often. One included building a new elementary school south of Rokeby Road and east of 56th street, as well as two other elementary schools and two smaller high schools.

The committee learned in April about a potential upcoming LPS bond issue in 2020. It could be $250 million to $290 million without raising the tax rate.

“Prioritizing was not our goal, we decided within the six different categories what our recommendations were and we’ll leave it to the school board to decide what the priorities are and among that you know we all have greater wants and needs than the resources available,” Cusick said.

The committee leaders will now look over the first draft recommendations presented on Tuesday, give feedback and meet again on June 10th.

The committee will approve facility and infrastructure needs on their deadline of August 27th.

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