Lincoln woman celebrates 105 years of life

A Lincoln woman has reached a milestone, 105 years of life.

Three times a week, Thelma and her son Bob go to a fitness studio called Pure Barre. They do strengthening stretches and exercises that help her with every day tasks.

A task such as wiping mirrors and windows which is a job Thelma was doing at a dance studio prior to Pure Barre.

“I just decided, you do it yourself or you don’t do it and so that’s the reason why I do it.. because I want too,” said Thelma Chase.

Thelma was living on her own up until 2 years ago. She is now living with one of her sons and daughter-in-law.

“Just has been this amazing woman role model in my life, she’s an incredible cook, incredible baker and a wonderful mother,” said Thelma’s daughter-in-law, Stephanie Chase.

Thelma said there were no cars when she grew up so she takes advantage of traveling now that she can. Other hobbies she enjoys is gardening, reading and putting together puzzles, but staying active is very important to her.

“She gets out of the car, she kicks the car door open with her leg and I’m going oh my gosh, she’s got rock hard legs,” said Stephanie.

We asked Thelma the question every one wants to know, what is her secret for living a long and healthy life?

“I keep active you know I just don’t sit down. I do hand work like embroidery work and things but I don’t do it for hours and hours like all day or anything. I just do it for maybe a half hour or hour and then I do something else. If that’s a recipe, that’s what it is,” said Thelma.

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