LPS High School students celebrate 2019 graduation

 Over 3,000 graduates from the 6 public schools in Lincoln walked down the aisle for their High School degree. Ceremonies were held at the Bob Devaney Sports Center and Pinnacle Arena.

Graduates are looking forward to the sense of relief. 

“I’m looking forward to having fun with my friends, celebrating this wonderful day, and I’m just blessed to be here,” said Lincoln Northeast graduate Karrar Al-Mansuri.

“I don’t really expect anything huge, I just want to be happy,” said Lincoln North Star graduate Beja Whiters.

There were mixed emotions about leaving and starting something new.

“It’s just, I’m upset that school is ending, and I’m gonna be done with High School, but I’m excited to enter into college. It’s a new place, it’s a new world, some new things coming,” said Al-Mansuri.

“I’m excited, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m going to miss everyone. It’s just a mix of emotions that’s just hard to explain,” said Whiters.

With new things in store, college is their first step.

“I’m moving to Arizona, Scottsdale,” said Al-Mansuri.

“I’m going to go to SEC in the Fall, and I will transfer to a University of my choice,” said Whiters.

And the next step is the career of their dreams.

“But I know in the future I want to be a dentist,” said Whiters.

“And I’m gonna enroll into the nursing program and see where that goes to. Maybe be a doctor later in life. Maybe, I’m not sure,” said Lincoln North Star graduate Mark Yarmolyuk.

“Get my degree in finance, so then I can be a stock broker in the future,” said Al-Mansuri.

The future may be overwhelming, but these students say they are prepared with the knowledge that has got them this far.

“I just have so many goals, I don’t know how to start them, but I’ll figure it out. It’ll happen,” said Whiters.

“keep your future bright and just chase your dreams. That’s all I can say,” said Al-Mansuri.

Students can’t say goodbye without giving one last shout-out to Lincoln Public Schools.

“Well, thank you LNS for everything, for the opportunities, and congratulations class of 2019,” said Yarmolyuk.


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