Mask Debate: Woman coughs on shoppers at local grocery store

The incident happened at the Super Saver on 27th and Pine Lake Friday evening

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – A shopper and her daughter say were accosted by another shopper Friday evening for wearing a mask inside the Super Saver on 27th and Pine Lake in Lincoln.

The video was given to us by Reddit user Jessabird who recorded the incident.

Jessabird said the woman confronted her and her daughter, began to cough on the two shoppers, and followed them through the store.

Jessabird and her daughter made their way towards self-checkout to pay for her items, and the woman kept following the two.

They say they told a Super Saver employee at the self-checkout about the interactions, but they did not stay around to find out what the employee would say in response.

There is currently a mask mandate for Lancaster County that went into effect on August 26th and goes until September 30th.

We reached out to Super Saver for a comment, but the store has not returned a message at this time.

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