Mixed bag of high temperatures today 2/21/2022

Temperatures will be all over the place across Nebraska today. Wind chill values already vary this morning, with some of the area feeling like the teens, while the other half feels warmer in the 20s and 30s. High temperatures will be spread out just like this, with the Tri-Cities reaching the mid-30s, Lincoln reaching the upper 40s and far southeast Nebraska around the low 60s! This temperature gradient is thanks to cooler arctic air pushing into the state and a low pressure system shifting eastward to the south of Nebraska. The low pressure system will bring in warmer air for the far eastern half of the state, while the cooler air will force itself into a majority of the rest of the state. This temperature battle will end overnight tonight when the arctic air takes over and drops temperatures into the single digits. On top of colder temperatures, clouds will increase during the day today as well as wind speeds. Gusts around the time of your evening commute will be at or above 30 mph. These gusty conditions will stick around into overnight tonight with potential wind chill values around -20. A Wind Chill Advisory will go into effect at midnight for areas around the Tri-Cities and will remain in effect through noon tomorrow. Highs only reach the mid to upper teens through Thursday, before temperatures begin to warm into the weekend and beyond.

Meteorologist Brittany Foster




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