Nebraska drivers urged to move over for fellow motorists in new push to save lives

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN)- October 15 officially marks “Slow Down, Move Over” day across the state of Nebraska.

Governor Pete Ricketts signed the proclamation earlier this month to promote the protection of drivers pulled over on the roadside.

AAA Auto Club Group worked with state officials to renew the state’s existing “move over” laws to become more inclusive for motorists.

AAA Nebraska’s Brain Ortner said the campaign could save hundreds this upcoming holiday season.

“In Nebraska, our slow down, move over law covers first responders, roadside service vehicles, and some construction vehicles, but it doesn’t include municipal vehicles, or just your everyday vehicles,” he said.

Ortner said the 350 preventable roadside fatalities that happen every year drives this campaign, with several of those fatalities in Nebraska.

“It’s about one tow truck driver every week across the nation killed in a roadside accident,” he said. “And this is despite the existence of slow down, move over laws across all 50 states, it’s great that these laws are on the books, it’s not so great as they’re all different.”

The campaign will include various social media posts and marked AAA service vehicles, and with no end date in sight, Ortner says the message to stay safe roadside is ever-present.

“Losing one individual killed in a roadside accent is one too many,” he said. “We’re seeing more than that every year, and we want to make sure the roads are safer for all motorists, the public, and professionals that work along the roadways. We want people to arrive safely and that’s the most important thing at the end of the day.”

For more information on the “Move Over For Me” campaign, details can be found here.

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