Nebraska Farm Bureau unveiled a new Health Care plan

At the Nebraska Farm Bureau it was the unveiling of a new health care plan to help farmers and ranchers here in the state of Nebraska.

After months of discussions, the Nebraska farm bureau has finally disclosed a health care plan to help out Nebraskan farmers and ranchers.

“This is going to truly be I think one of the biggest things we’ve ever experience in agriculture in terms of health care,” says Tom Schwartz the President of Consortium. 

For the past few years farmers and ranchers have been struggling to find affordable health care plans.

Officials believe this is the perfect solution to the problem as the Nebraska farm bureau estimates this new health care plan can lower health insurance premiums on average of 25%, and it’s not only for farmers, but also some businesses that deal in agriculture.

“We’ve had nothing to offer in agriculture when we go out and hire employees and again the first question is always what’s the insurance. It’s not how much are you going to pay me it’s a can I get health care, can I get medical for my family, that’s the kind of questions we deal with, and I think we finally have an answer to that, and that’s the exciting thing,” added Schwartz. 

For a business to qualify for the new plan, it’s production has to be 50% or more agriculture related, the farm bureau believes this is a much needed change.

“Well I think it’s a huge problem, when you see and hear from people who say that the cost of health care is a matter of whether successful on their farm and ranch whether their business can more forward if there’s a risk that they go broke if they buy health insurance that they need for their families that’s pretty serious to me,” said Steve Nelson the Nebraska Farm Bureau President. 

If you do qualify, the enrollment period is from October 1st to December 1st and the health care coverage starts on January 1st 2019

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