Nebraska man finds 2-carat diamond while on vacation

Josh Lanik and his family have quite the story: One involving a two–carat find.

Last week, the Hebron family was on vacation visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

“When we showed up in the parking lot, you saw people that have their own sifting pans and picks and shovels and buckets,” Lanik said.  “We were just four people in tee shirts and gym shorts.”

He said after more than an hour of sifting around, they moved to another area of the park.

“I had gotten bored with the process and just kind of walked down toward the edge of the property and started playing in some gravel and found my diamond, just with my bare hands.”

Lanik said a diamond at the park is typically around half a carat.

Park staff said his find is the largest in 2019 so far.

“I had to register it and then go through the process of naming the diamond because it was over one–and–a–half carats,” Lanik said.  “So we came up with the Lanik Family Diamond.”

He didn’t want to say what it’s worth, but it might not be as much as some think.

Since they got back from vacation, Lanik said he’s done interviews with not only local news outlets, but with CNN and the New York Times as well.

“It’s really kind of a feel–good story of a guy with no experience shows up in this field and randomly stumbles upon a two–plus–carat, raw, brown diamond.”

Lanik said he’s not selling the diamond.  Instead, he’s going to set it in a ring and make it a family heirloom.

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