Nebraska Task Force One gives weekend update

Nebraska Task Force One gave an update on a media conference call on Monday.

The team of 44 will remain where they are, in Hope Mills, North Carolina, for at least the next few days.

Battalion Chief Brad Thavenet is stationed in Kinston, North Carolina at a regional command center. He gave an update on the situation on the coast.

“If you can imagine the


amount of epic rain that took place here, and the biggest fear is just after the hurricane moved inland and spread torrential rains everywhere… Now all those rains have to make it like a giant bubble and drift back toward the ocean,” said Thavenet.

Over the weekend, the task force aided in the evacuation of a nursing home.

“Yesterday they spent some time assisting people and evacuating a nursing home, I believe chief Bodin told me that 124 people were removed and evacuated to higher ground out of that.”

The task force’s main mission is evacuations.

Some people are trapped inside their homes, surrounded by deep, running water.

“People will call in and say I am just trapped and need out and they just keep going, basically leapfrogging one call to another just assisting those as they are dispatched out of the emergency operation center,” said Thavenet.

Right now, the task force is assigned to Hope Mills, a province just south of Fayetteville.

“They are plugged in as one of the first responders and because of some of the special equipment we have we hope to do a lot of the heavier lifting of evacuating neighborhoods or bigger areas.”

Thavenet said that the task force could still head south to the aid of South Carolina or Virginia if called upon.

Officials say there is currently no timetable for a return date.

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