One killed, multiple tornadoes damage Iowa and Nebraska

A tornado killed one person in Iowa.

Here’s the damage report from Tuesday’s severe weather.

At least 33 tornadoes have been confirmed in several states, including two in Nebraska, in Richardson county near Dawson.

Storms turned deadly in western Iowa overnight.

A 74 year old woman was killed EF 2 tornado in Adair county, which is about an hour West of Des Moines.

The tornado, which touched down for 8 minutes ripped through their farmstead.

“We have a lot of debris that ended up landing on the Interstate, that’s all been cleaned up the interstate is open in both directions, all lanes, and then went on north of the interstate for about a half a mile,” said Bob Kempf with Adair Emergency Management.

The woman’s husband was air lifted to a Des Moines hospital in critical condition.


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