Police credit witnesses with solving Desmond Fowler’s murder case

A man charged with second degree murder is off the streets, and police said it’s because of citizens like you.

Chief Jeff Bliemeister said witnesses sticking around after the shooting death of 47-year-old Desmond Fowler allowed for the quick apprehension of 22-year-old Michael Dewey, who they think pulled the trigger.

“So many people, because it was an act that occurred in daytime hours, that not only saw events transpire to one degree or another, but they were willing to compromise what they had going on with their entire day to wait for us and provide very candid statements,” Bliemeister said.

According to court documents Fowler was shot after an argument with Dewey and another man a few blocks from 27th and Holdrege, where the shooting happened.

Dewey and the second person went to a trailer near 28th and Potter to buy drugs, but Fowler walked out instead of the seller, and the fight ensued.

According to documents, Dewey and the person he was with eventually left the trailer but Fowler followed behind the car until it stopped at a light at 27th and Holdrege.

That’s when Fowler was shot.

Without witnesses, Bliemeister said this timeline may not have been confirmed.

“You’ve got lots of different people seeing different parts, different perspectives of what preceded, or precipitated, the shooting… so we take those statements and mirror it up with different people whose businesses have surveillance video and corroborate statements.”

Police were able to have Dewey in handcuffs less than 12 hours after the shooting.

They said, that absolutely wouldn’t have happened without witnesses.

Bliemeister said citizens help not just in major crimes like this, but every day occurrences, which contributes to lower crime rates.

“Thank you,” Bliemeister said. “We appreciate the ownership they take in Lincoln. They’re part of a safe Lincoln and without them it’d be a much different story.”

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