Railyard wants to expand liquor license

Another issue council members will have to decide on is if the Railyard should be allowed to expand their liquor license into canopy street.

Currently, alcohol can only be consumed inside the gates of the Railyard. They’re hoping to push those boundaries out from Q to R Street and to the other side of canopy street.

The venue does have security and two Lincoln police officers assist them on game day, but LPD says expanding their reach will require more officers to patrol the area.

We’re going to have to prioritize, ultimately if the city council decides we want to do this, then we’re going to have to maybe take away resources from other things," said Chief Jeff Bliemeister.

LPD could be forced to take officers away from controlling traffic and patrolling Memorial Stadium.

The Railyard says safety is their top priority and more space would make it easier for security to monitor what’s going on.

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