Report: Some parts of Nebraska prison weren’t searched

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – A new report says parts of a Nebraska prison weren’t searched during a recent lockdown that was billed as a safety precaution to locate contraband.

Nebraska Inspector General for Correctional Services Doug Koebernick said in his annual report released Monday that the issue came to his attention on Sept. 6, when the Nebraska State Penitentiary was under a prison-wide lockdown.     

Koebernick says he encountered two prison employees who were discussing the lockdown, and one was upset that only part of one housing unit was searched before inmates were allowed to resume their movement in that area.

Koebernick says he later verified those concerns, but prison officials wouldn’t elaborate.     

Koebernick says it’s concerning the whole facility wasn’t searched, given prison officials’ stated concerns about weapons and drugs in the prison.

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