Safety training may help keep electronic scooters in Lincoln long-term

The city council will determine if electronic scooters will remain in Lincoln after the ScooterLNK pilot program ends in August.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – On Saturday, people in Haymarket got to test drive electronic scooters.

“It was fun,” Lincoln resident Chad Parker said. “It was great. Got it up to 15 miles an hour, which sounds like as fast as you can go. It felt safe and fun.”

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities set up the event to spread awareness about the city’s ScooterLNK pilot program and advocate for scooter safety.

“Really, our core message here is all about safety,” LTU’s Roberto Partida said. “If you’re going to use a scooter be safe.”

Partida says the three key things people should remember when riding a scooter around Lincoln are:

-You have to be at 18 years old to ride.

-Ride on the roads, not the sidewalks.

-When you are done, make sure to park your scooter in a designated parking area.

Since the program began in September of 2020, riders have made over 48,000 trips on Bird and Spin scooters. With the pilot program set to conclude in August, could the scooters be here to stay?

LTU will provide a report to the city council about how the pilot program went. Ultimately, the city council will decide the future of electronic scooters in Lincoln.

“One thing that we’ve definitely learned is that there is demand,” Partida said.

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