‘Thank You Teacher’ award ceremony recognizes impacts of teachers on student’s lives

5 educators from around Lincoln were honored at the Governor's Mansion Thursday in a ceremony to celebrate teachers.


Teachers from the community were honored in a very special way Thursday morning.

“What I remember most about being in Bobbies’ class is the love and individual attention she showed to not only me but all of my fellow classmates,” says former student Molly Schnabel about her third grade teacher Bobbie Ehrlich.

This year, over 500 letters were submitted to nominate teachers for the annual ‘Thank You Teacher’ award sponsored by Lincoln Public Schools.

Five educators were celebrated at the Governor’s Mansion with a special breakfast as students and parents reflected on the impact those educators had on their lives by reading nomination their letters to the audience.

“Mrs. Sprague is so much more than a teacher, she gives herself to her students and figures out what they need and meets them where they are. For us she became an extension to our family in some ways as she meant so much to Alex and to me,” says Kelli Czarnick on behalf of her late daughter, Alex, as she honors Kris Sprague, a teacher at Morley Elementary.

“Making a relationship with Alex was not difficult. She was always open always smiling and wanted to be with us,” Sprague said in return.

The emotional letters had guests in the room in laughter and tears.

“I kept telling my girlfriend  I wouldnt cry… I wouldnt cry,” said Culler Middle School social studies teacher Jordan Sorge.

“Thank you teacher…well, this teacher gets to say thank you,” said an emotional Bobbie Ehrlich.

Teachers from all education levels – from pre-kindergarten to high school to a retired educator –  were given the special recognition at Thursday’s ceremony.

“Even though he was supposed to teach me social studies, he also made the effort to show me how life works,” said current 8th grade student Leiah Eberhardt about her former 7th grader teacher Jordan Sorge.

“When I look at this award I don’t see it as a reflection of me but more of her. What an amazing writer she is, how reflective she is, the great family and support system that she has and just the kindness in her heart,” Sorge says.

The full letters can be found at Lincoln Public Schools website.

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