The first Husker fan at Memorial Stadium

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

With the Huskers first game of the season there are a lot students, and fans who showed up early this morning. But the first person to Memorial Stadium, was York resident and UNL student Noah Robeson.
"7 o clock last night, the sun was still up. You have the sun set and I guess I’ve been out here by myself since I guess and then nobody showed up until 7 am this morning," said Robeson. 
Noah camped out outside of Memorial Stadium for around 24 hours, which doesn’t allow many options for drinks.
"At about 1 am I order Pickleman’s because I was just dying of thirst and then my friends brought some waters for me early this morning thankfully," added Robeson. 
It doesn’t give Noah many opportunities to eat either.
"I haven’t eaten that much since like yesterday I had lunch and I mean that’s about it," says Robeson.
Just like any other Huskers fan this evening, Noah was excited for the new man in charge.
"Just ready for Scott Frost to debut as head coach for Nebraska can’t wait for this I’ve been waiting for him to take over," said Robeson. 
But even if Scott Frost wasn’t coaching the real reason why Noah is going through all of this work. Is for his love of the Husker program.
"I guess because there is like nothing else in this state that really compares to this. There’s no professional teams or anything so all my support goes to Nebraska Athletics and mostly the football team," said Robeson. 
For Noah Memorial Stadium isn’t just a place where the Huskers play football, it’s his home.
"Oh it’s just nuts. I love going to this place. It’s like church," said Robeson.
So for next week in order to get to the game before Noah, you better pack a sleeping bag, because you can be guaranteed Noah is already going to be there.

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