The Warm Weather is Welcoming To Allergies

Warm weather finally has arrived in Lincoln, but those sunny days mean flowers are blooming and pollen is in the air. Reeking havoc on your allergies. Treating your runny nose and watery eyes can be pricy. More allergy drugs are becoming available over the counter, but when you don't need a prescription to get them, that's means your insurance isn't footing part of the bill. So for some battling seasonal allergies– it can hit you in the wallet.

When the runny nose and watery eyes hit, most people turn to their pharmacist. But sometimes those allergy drugs can be expensive. Take Claritin for example. Once a prescription drug, it's now available over the counter. But since you don't need a prescription from your doctor any longer, your insurance won't help foot the bill…so the over the counter drug will cost you about a buck a pill. New over the counter allergy drugs are hitting the shelves all the time., and they may be cheaper. And look for generic versions as well. Loradadine is a new generic version of claritin that should soon be hitting the shelves in Lincoln.