UNK relocating students still on campus, allows for social distancing

UNK is consolidating students still on campus to two different residence halls, creating better social distancing practices and a residence hall for quarantine if needed.
Antelope Hall

The University of Nebraska at Kearney is preparing to move and consolidate about 50 students currently in on-campus housing to a pair of residence halls amid the coronavirus crisis.

Students from Centennial Towers East will move to Centennial Towers West, and Men’s Hall and Randall/Mantor Hall residents are relocating to Antelope/Nester Halls.

Students will be allowed to move once their new rooms are ready. UNK’s goal is to have all students relocated by April 13.

The consolidation frees other residence halls on campus – mainly Centennial Towers East – to be used for quarantined or self-isolated students if needed in the future.

The relocation also helps create social distancing, as CTW and Antelope/Nester’s apartment-style units offer students their own bedrooms and private restrooms.

About 180 students remain in on-campus housing, and most are already located in CTW or Antelope/Nester, said Associate Dean of Residence Life George Holman. International students who live on campus year-round will be placed into their summer housing assignment.

“Several students are planning to leave UNK over the next week or two. They were able to shore up personal business in town or get a flight and won’t be required to relocate on campus,” said Holman.

Information about the relocation, including room assignments and other details, is being distributed to students and can also be obtained by contacting residence hall coordinators.

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