UNL fraternity forced to cease operations amid hazing allegations

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has ordered a campus fraternity to cease operations pending an investigation into allegations of hazing. 

UNL, as well as the National Chapter of Deltau Tau Delta, received reports from students’ family members that prospective members of the fraternity were forced to drink alcohol at the chapter house and an off-campus location. 

The drinking is reported to have happened over the weekend of August 17-19th. 

UNL said in a release that the forced consumption is alleged to have caused some of the members to become ill. 

Such activities are a violation of the University Student Code of Conduct, which defines hazing as: "any activity by which a person intentionally or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health or safety of an individual for the purpose of initiation into, admission into, affiliation with, or continued membership with any student organization." 

The National Fraternity also suspended the UNL Chapter’s activities pending the results of the investigation and said it is cooperating with UNL officials. 

Below is a statement by Laurie Bellows, Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

"This reported behavior is not consistent with our University values. The health and safety of our students is our primary concern and we take any allegations of hazing seriously.  The University supports Delta Tau Delta’s suspension of activities by the National Fraternity and is working with Fraternity staff members to investigate the concerns that we share.  The University has made abundantly clear what its expectations are and the consequences for failing those expectations."

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