Viewer Photos: Life during COVID-19

Here are some of our favorite viewer-submitted photos from the week!
Lori's Photo

Many of you have sent us photos of how you’re adapting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. From working at home to finding new ways to socialize while still practicing social distancing, we want to see your photos and videos.

Here’s how to send them to us: submit news.

Here are a few of our favorites from this week.

1. Angie’s Photo – Angie sent us this photo of her daughter learning from home with her furry “classmate.”

Angie's Photo

2. John’s Photo – John sent us this photo of his daughter, who wanted to let all her teachers at Lincoln Public Schools know how much she appreciates them.

John's Photo

3. Lori’s Photo – Lori sent us this photo she took of two friends who wanted to talk while still practicing social distancing. She said seeing their determination to keep in touch is what “Nebraska Strong” is all about.

Lori's Photo

4. Marcie’s Photo – Marcie sent us this photo of the gloves her 11-year-old granddaughter gave her as a birthday gift. They allow her to still be “glam” while going to the grocery store.

Marcie's Photo

5. Melanie’s Photo – Melanie sent us this photo of her daughter decorating their driveway in bright colors to spread positivity in their neighborhood.

Melanie's Photo

We appreciate you sharing your stories and photos with us! Again, to submit a photo or video just click this link: submit news.

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