Waverly parents take safety concerns to city council

Posted By: BriAna Campbell

During the Waverly City Council meeting Tuesday night, several parents, and even the Waverly Schools superintendent, voiced their concern for children’s safety going to and from school across Amberly Road.

One administrator at Hamlow Elementary in Waverly said she won’t allow her own children to cross that road anymore.

This concern rising to a peak following a close call last Friday, when some kids were almost hit by a car in the crosswalk. 

"My daughter, my 7 year old, was one that was almost hit the other day, on Friday," one emotional parent told the city council.

Superintendent Corey Worrell mentioned the speed at which cars zoom through the area.

"Like at times I’ve seen some people go down there 50, 60 miles an hour going down the street, and then don’t realize we have crosswalks there," said Worrell.

Parents pointed out several different factors adding to the danger of the intersections.

"16 year olds trying to shoot a gap, parents running late to work, rain, snow, semi trucks," listed one parent testifying at the meeting.

The city council addressed the new pedestrian studies set to be conducted in these areas, and upcoming plans for new traffic signs.

Some of those in attendance weren’t satisfied with these explanations, claiming the exponential growth of Waverly is something the council should have planned for.

"You can not tell me that you guys did not see this coming," exclaimed one parent. "This town has grown way too fast, way too quickly, and I think it’s time people need to step up – council needs to step up – and actually help to protect these kids that are trying to get around town."

Several ideas were tossed around as possible solutions, from bright red, flashing signs, to a roundabout, even a footbridge over the roadway, Superintendent Worrell pointing out there is no price on a child’s safety.

"I know those things cost money, but I don’t think there’s ever a price you can put on someone’s life," he said.

The city council also pointed out Amberly Road is currently designated as a truck bypass around Waverly.

They urged everyone at Tuesday’s meeting to attend the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday, August 30, to hear about recent pedestrian studies in these areas.

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