What to do with your old TV’S

Posted By: Reid Kilmer

As newer TV models come out each year some people won’t have much use for the old ones anymore.

But what are you supposed to with those heavy awkward electronics?

Some televisions may contain harmful chemicals for the environment and while it may not be the best choice, you can throw them away. 

The Lincoln landfill is one  option. Recycling director Gene Hanlon said, “If they don’t want to recycle it they can dispose of it through their waste holder and that will be land filled.”

You can leave a TV for the garbage company to take to the dump and the landfill takes it from there to destroy it correctly.

Recycling is another option. A repair store in Lincoln called, Alltronix, will welcome in your old TV and strip it down for parts.

Owner Nestor Perez tells us he’s trying to cut down on the waste, “Well were going to try and avoid mass electronics in the landfills.”

123 System Solutions will also take them at their store for a fee depending on the size of the TV.

The several options on what to do with the old TV you don’t want anymore are, donating it to an organization or family, leave it with your trash service, bring it to the landfill, recycle at a local business or if it’s under 32 inches, Best Buy will take if for free.

For additional recycling information on more items visit recycle.lincoln.ne.gov