A local church celebrates Father’s Day in live service

At Christ Place Church , Channel 8 spoke to pastors who say celebrating Father's Day can be emotional, but strengthening in these times.


At Christ Place Church, Channel 8 spoke to pastors who say celebrating Father’s day can be emotional but strengthening in these times.
The church held its second live service since closing for COVID–19 and is only resuming live services for a select number of their services, choosing to make one of those times on Father’s Day, to honor all of the special men.
“So it’s great to honor the dads, but its also been beautiful to illustrate that we can still practice social distancing while communicating love to one another,” said Rick Lorimer, lead pastor.
The church encouraged members to sign up and reserve seating before attending, and families sat spaced apart from others. Masks were made available to the congregation.
“Fathers Day, while we celebrate it, we also realize it is a mixed bag of emotions, and I think what’s beautiful about being at church on Father’s Day is the opportunity to celebrate our heavenly fathers love,” adds Lorimer.
Executive Pastor Johnathan Reynolds says now is the time for fathers to step up.
“Right now, during this time, we need to see fathers more than ever before,” adds Reynolds. “To rise up and show this world that what we need is not more violence what we need is more love, the love of the heavenly father.”


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