Auburn’s Cam Binder hones basketball skills on family farm

The two-time state champion works out in a full size, fully equipped basketball court, disguised as a barn on his family's farm.

TABLE ROCK, Neb. – Cam Binder has already cemented himself as one of the most decorated high school basketball players this state has ever seen and he’s still got one year left to play.

The Auburn senior point guard has already hit multiple game-winning shots and two state titles with the Bulldogs. And as his career starts to wind down, he’s learning to appreciate where it all began – a full size, fully equipped basketball court, disguised as a barn on his family’s farm.

“My dad, he kind of asked me about it and said, ‘How would you feel about a gym in your backyard?'” Binder said. “Then he kind of laid it out, drew a little blueprint. I was like, ‘Uh, holy crap!  Yeah, let’s do that.'”

They call it “The Rock” and they began building it about six years ago.

“In the middle of nowhere, and I just have basketball,” Binder said. “I have a basketball court right here. I can literally escape for hours and shoot if I wanted to.”

It’s given Binder and his siblings a place to workout rather than work in the family business.

“My dad had to make a sacrifice,” Binder said. “Either make me go out on the farm every day, like a normal farm kid, or focus on sports. He chose the sports route.”

And Binder has made the most of that opportunity. He says he works out in the gym any day he can.

“I love big projects and for me, this is a big project,” Binder said. “From two years old until whenever I’m done playing basketball, to see how good I can get.”

Binder is also looking to do something few have ever done, win a third-straight state championship.

“I want three,” Binder said. “So I know a lot of stuff is going on but just like at state. A lot of stuff was going on, the world was shutting down, but you have a job to do. And I have a job to do right now.”

Binder and the Bulldogs will have a 35-game win streak when they enter the 2020-21 season.

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