Channel 8 Installs antenna to better serve Lincoln’s Over-The-Air viewers

Channel 8 KLKN-TV, recently erected a new antenna on the station’s tower located on 10th and Arapahoe for Channel 35. All you need to do to get is connect your antenna to your TV, or converter box and rescan. Once you rescan, you will be able to enjoy 8.1(ABC), 8.2(Grit), 8.3(Court TV Mystery), and 8.4(Laff) in addition to other over the air channels. If you use cable or Internet service, you will not need to rescan. Some TVs rescan automatically, but if your TV does not, please see below for rescanning procedures.

To Rescan:

  1. Connect TV to an over-the-air antenna. Outdoor antennas perform the best.
  2. Select “channel scan,” “auto-tune,” or a similar function from your TV remote control or converter box menu to start the scanning process. You can usually find instructions by pressing the “set-up” or “menu” buttons.
  3. If using an indoor antenna, you may want to move it to different locations. For the best reception, follow these five steps:

a. Aim your antenna toward the location of the tower at 3240 South Tenth Street

b. Place the antenna in or near a window facing the direction of the tower.

c. Place the antenna as high as possible.

d. Keep the antenna away from metal

e. You may need to test different locations for your antenna to get the maximum strength. Each time you move the antenna, you should rescan.

If you rescan your TV and still can’t get our channel, check your TV or converter box owner’s manual or website for troubleshooting help and customer service contact information. Here are some resource websites to help you maximize your search.

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