City Impact holds holiday sale to save parent’s dignity at discount prices

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — For 25 years, City Impact has hosted shopping opportunities for parents to buy gifts without breaking the bank.

From bikes to the latest technology there was something for all ages and tastes.

Impact co-founder Brad Bryan said the goal of the market was to save parents’ pride when holiday shopping.

The idea came about from Bryan and his wife’s initial attempt to help out during the holiday when some parents felt free gifts stripped them of their dignity.

“We talked to a couple of the moms’ and we asked them what they would love to have to happen,” Bryan said.

He said the moms’ suggested a store where they could buy gifts at a cheaper price.

Fast forwarding to today, the Gifts of Love market offers items at a 70 percent discount making expensive gifts more affordable.

“Most every person wants to have dignity,” Bryan said. “We want to have value for ourselves and to provide for others.”

For City Impact mentor Angela Pillow the market helped create one of her most memorable moments.

“My favorite holiday was the year my daughter really wanted a guitar, I couldn’t afford it from the store,” she said.

Pillow bought the guitar from City Impact for $12 when the market price at the time was $60.

“I felt good knowing that I gave that to her and just seeing that smile on her face that year was priceless,” she said.

Pillow said her interactions with the market helped inspire her to pay it forward.

She was able to achieve that goal 13 years ago when she was hired at City Impact.

“It feels good to be able to purchase those items for ourselves, for our kids,” Pillow said. “I’m glad, more than anything, that I’m not the only one.”

Many of today’s shoppers held the same sentiment as the market gave them an opportunity to buy something of the same value for each of their children.

For more information on programs offered by City Impact click here.


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