Conventions gathers those who enjoy all aspects of board games

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — For many board game enthusiasts at today’s Scrooge Con preparing for a match comes long before the first dice are rolled, as the games played at this convention are not your typical games of Chess.

These games go beyond the board and for many develop into a lifelong hobby that can keep boredom at bay for hours.

For Scrooge Con organizer Sean Gewecke, crafting figures is his favorite part of the hobby.

“I spend a whole lot of time painting,” he said. “I’ve got a collection of 300 paints at home.”

Gewecke said for others there are different aspects of the gaming process that they enjoy.

“There are different pieces that are for people with different interests,” he said.

The types of games at today’s convention included miniatures, painting and building up figures for a match, roleplay, where you take on an omniscient role over a fictional character and your regular games in the traditional method of dice rolling.

“People think of Monopoly or Scrabble, things like that, but there is a lot more elaborate, more difficult games that are a lot of fun to play,” Gewecke said.

By gathering to game today, enthusiasts were able to raise money for Vital Services that will be used to help developmentally disabled adults.

Vital Services have worked with Scrooge Con in the past by providing a space for the convention, as they did today.

For those who missed today’s convention, there is still time to develop an interest in the hobby by visiting gaming stores in the Lincoln area like Hobby Town and Gauntlet Games.


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