Crime Stoppers: A late night tattoo run and a renegade zapper

In this week's cases, LPD is investigating a break-in at a tattoo parlor and somebody who made an electrifying threat.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Starting with the most recent incident, Lincoln Police are trying to determine who stole business and personal checks from The Ink Alley on May 7th. Photos show one person showing up a little late for a tattoo, before allegedly breaking into the building and making off with the checks. The photos don’t show a face, but you can make out clothing.

We go back a bit further for the second case of the week. It’s from September 30th of 2020, and it’s a very “shocking” incident. The photos show a man at the Russ’s Market at 17th and Washington. He grabbed some alcohol, which he did pay for, but he neglected to pay for a bottle of Advil. When store staff tried to stop him outside, they say the man took off, threatening to “taze them”. The photos show a clear closeup of the suspect’s face.

As always, if you recognize the suspects in these Lincoln Crime Stoppers cases, or any other cases, reach out to police on the Crime Stoppers website.

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