E-bike business is booming in Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – You may see more e-bikes zipping around this summer.

Sales at one store have grown so much, it recently had to move to a bigger facility.

E-bikes are not for lazy people, riders and sellers say, but they help people of all ages get back on the bike and ride around town.

“We get people who haven’t ridden bikes in years who come back to it. They may have stopped riding because they didn’t think they could ride far enough or get to where they wanted to go or ride on a windy day,” said Mark Anderson, manager of Speedy Pete’s E-bike. “It allows them to get out and use their bikes.”

A Lincoln man loved the bike he bought Monday so much that he came back to Speedy Pete’s on Tuesday and got one for his wife.

“We are kind of getting up there,” the wife, Jody Gulzia, said.

Jerry Gulzia agreed, saying, “We’re just getting old, and it’s a lot easier to ride an e-bike.”

The owners of Speedy Pete’s tried an e-bike on vacation, loved it, then started selling them out of their hardware store.

During the pandemic, business was booming, and staff worried that things might slow down as people got back to their pre-pandemic lives.

Instead, e-bike sales continued to grow. They expanded in the hardware store but quickly outgrew the space, moving to a different building a month ago.

There are not very many dedicated e-bike stores in the Midwest, making it a destination spot.

“Someone just drove in from Des Moines yesterday,” Anderson said. “We’ve had customers from Ohio, Wisconsin and, yeah, they come from a long ways away. E-bikes, some of them are pretty scares at certain times of the year.”

The price tag may scare some people away, but Anderson said that a lot of hobbies have a high price tag and that an e-bike is not a toy but a tool.

“People spend a lot more on a standard bike then some of the bikes in here cost,” he said.

The Gulzias are excited to get on the trails again and may even bring more family members along.

“I might eventually get a trailer and bring the dog,” Jody said.

The City of Lincoln has a few family-friendly bike activities planned this week, from bike safety classes to a bike parade.

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