Even as the weather warms, hold off on planting

Despite the higher temps, it's still far too early to send your little plants out into the world.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The weather has been pretty nice, coming out of the winter. But you may want to hold off on any garden activity you’ve got planned because, despite the higher temps, it’s still far too early to send your little plants out into the world. There is, however, a bit of work you can do right now.

“Start prepping your outdoor areas now”, says Jason Orth. Orth is tree and shrubbery manager at Campbell’s Nurseries. “Any time it’s warm in the day you can get out there, you can add your amendments to your soil beds, assuming that it’s not frozen.”

Of course, that’s not always a safe assumption. Soil temperatures are hovering just around freezing, and we are still consistently getting freezing temperatures overnight. With it being March in Nebraska, snow isn’t out of the question, either. If you just have to get started, though, there is a way.

“You can start your seeds inside”, Orth says. “Four to six weeks before our last frost date is a good time to start those seeds so right now is perfect in mid-March.”

Maybe you’ve already got things in the ground. Holdovers from last year, like herbs, tulips, or daffodils. If you’ve noticed them popping up, don’t worry. They’re safe.

Orth explains that a few things are able to safely appear, even now. “Some trees are going to be coming out of dormancy”, he says. “Silver maple is starting to bloom around town, probably next week.”

Another point of worry is the dry winter we’ve had, but you may not want to get too excited about watering just yet.

Orth’s recommended plan? “Maybe in a few weeks start thinking about doing your once-every-two-week watering schedule.”

Ultimately, it looks like it should be another good year of gardening. Just hold on a little bit longer, no matter how tempting this warmer weather may be.

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