‘Everyone has a smile on their face’: Good Life Halfsy brings high energy to Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — Just before dawn Sunday, runners began to gather at Seacrest Field in east Lincoln.

They laced up their shoes and hydrated to prepare to run 13.1 miles around town.

The Good Life Halfsy half-marathon had runners aiming to beat their best times.

Linda Brown of Pink Gorilla Events, a sponsor of the race, said the atmosphere was energetic.

“The energy down here is so huge,” she said. “It’s so much fun. Everyone has a smile on their face.”

The cool autumn air made it an easy run for the hardiest of the bunch.

The route took runners to notable spots around town, like Holmes Lake, Antelope Valley and the Haymarket.

They crossed the finish line in the Railyard.

Brown said the crowd erupted into cheers for the first-place racer.

“The music starts blaring, we got confetti cannons going; the energy is second to none,” she said.

The top three male runners were:

1.) Joe Moore of Manhattan, Kansas, with a final time of 01:06:09.94

2.) Noah Rasmussen of Lincoln, with a final time of 01:07:04.40

3.) James Wilson of Lincoln, with a final time of 01:08:11.10

The top three female runners were:

1.) Katie Spencer of Omaha, with a final time of 01:18:55.50

2.) Mandy Zimmerman of Junction City, Kansas, with a final time of 01:19:11.75

3.) Jessica Cunningham of Loveland, Colorado, with a final time of 01:21:16.66

For a full list of Sunday’s results click here.

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