Executive Travel seeks volunteers to go to Ukraine; Rotary Club of Lincoln joins project

The operation raised almost $150,000 in the first week of fundraising

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Operation Safe Harbor Ukraine, a project undertaken by Executive Travel and Heartland Bible Church, raised nearly $150,000 in just seven days.

That money goes directly to Ukrainian refugees in need in Poland.  It will pay for hotel rooms, as well as food and medical needs.

Hotel rooms in Warsaw cost about $50 a night, and medical supplies are a necessity especially because it is still wintry there.

Steve Glenn, chairman of the board at Executive Travel, said that area of Poland saw 6 inches of snow just last week.

“One-third of all the people we house have medical conditions because of the cold weather and everything,” Glenn said.  “So, we’re dealing with as much as cough syrup and all the things that kids have.”

The Rotary Club of Lincoln is teaming up with Executive Travel to assist in the operation.  They’ll also be working with Rotary clubs in Poland and Ukraine to find refugees the housing they need.

But in order to accomplish all of that, they need volunteers.

“We need people in Poland because we have a major problem with language, and that’s a big issue,” Glenn said.  “So, Google Translate can only get us so far, and so it’s been very helpful to have people in Poland who speak Russian and Ukrainian.”

If you or someone you know speaks any of those languages and would like to volunteer, Executive Travel will pay for you to fly and stay in Poland.

All you need to do is fill out a form at Operation Safe Harbor’s website.

Glenn said that once the refugees see their rooms, they burst into tears of joy because they finally feel safe and comforted.

He told a story about one woman who had her two kids with her but received news that her husband died in Ukraine.

Glenn wants everyone to know that these are the people being helped.

Operation Safe Harbor Ukraine is still asking for people to donate so it can keep providing aid to refugees.

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