Extra traffic on the water means extra need for safety

As more and more people hit the water, now is a good time to freshen up on boating safety tips.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) The temperatures keep creeping higher, and as we get deeper into the summer, more and more people are going to want to cool down. A classic way to do that is on the water, but ignoring your safety while out boating can leave you in hot water.

There are some rules that most people have a pretty good grasp on: wear a life jacket, and don’t speed through a no-wake zone. Rules like these are in place to keep you, and everyone around you, safe.

Jeff Clauson is Nebraska Boating Law Administrator, and he explains the state’s side of the rules: “Everyone’s coming out here to recreate and they want to have a good time. We just want to make sure that they’re safe when they do it.”

Naturally, Clauson knows a thing or two about staying safe, and notice the fact that he says “everyone” is going to be out. It’s going to be a busy summer, and all the added traffic means you have extra things to keep an eye on.

“Be aware of what other people are doing out there, and you’re just watching your surroundings because there’s all kinds of people out there doing all kinds of different things”, says Cluson. “They might be on full plane one second, they drop a skier, now they’re turning around. You’ve just got to be able to pay attention to all those things.”

And just like when you’re on the road, don’t operate under the influence. For the Fourth of July holiday weekend, there’s a special emphasis across the nation on making sure everyone at the helm is sober.

“We’re going to be looking for those kind of things, intoxicated boaters. We want everybody to have fun”, says Clauson. “Have your designated driver on the water and everybody will have fun.”

To recap the basics, stay sober and alert. That should help you avoid an accident. If something does happen, you need a fire extinguisher and a bucket to bail out water. If you end up sinking, or if somebody goes overboard, have a way to float at the ready, not tucked away in a box under the seat.


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