For Norris quarterback and Husker walk-on, there’s “no place like home”

"It's more than a game. I know people say a sport is a lifestyle, but I feel like being a part of Husker Nation is a lifestyle."

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Earlier this month, Norris senior quarterback Cooper Hausmann committed to walk on with the Nebraska Cornhusker football team.

“Committing felt like just a huge weight off my shoulders,” Hausmann said.

Hausmann, a two-year starter at Norris, says he wanted to make his decision at the end of the high school season so he could live in the moment and enjoy his senior year with his teammates.

“I tried to not think about it too much throughout the season, so I could focus on what’s best for the team and not like, get caught up in, you know, personal accolades and stuff like that,” Hausmann said. “I was just trying to focus on the team. And that’s why I didn’t really commit, like, throughout the season.”

Norris’ season ended with a playoff loss to Skutt Catholic on October 29.

With his senior season coming to an end, Hausmann knew he had a decision to make. He had interest from Division I schools including LSU and Virginia Tech, as well as D2 schools like Augustana and Sioux Falls.

Ultimately, the Roca native couldn’t resist the opportunity to stay home and play for the Huskers.

“I wanted to stay close to my family and friends, you know, and play for Nebraska,” Hausmann said. “It’s more than a game. I know people say a sport is a lifestyle, but I feel like being a part of Husker Nation is a lifestyle.”

Hausmann’s favorite memory as a Husker fan?

“When we beat Oregon that one year, I was at that game, that was pretty electric,” Hausmann said.

Hausmann will be joining some familiar faces on the football team. His brother Ashton is a defensive back for the Huskers. He’s close friends with former Norris teammate and current Husker offensive lineman Nouredin Nouili, who he used to give car rides to.

“Him and I are still really close,” Hausmann said. “We talk every day. I call him pretty often. Yeah, Nouri is the man. I love that dude.”

Nouili, a former walk-on himself, earned a scholarship this year. Hausmann hopes to follow a similar path to earn a scholarship.

A dual-threat quarterback in high school, Hausmann says that Husker head coach Scott Frost told him he would have a chance to compete to play quarterback.

“I was like, ‘I’m willing to move like wherever you want me to,'” Hausmann said.”And he was like, ‘You’re a good quarterback. We want you in the quarterback room because we think we can develop you and you could potentially have a shot being in a position battle.'”

Like many Nebraska kids, Hausmann grew up wanting to walk into Memorial Stadium as a Husker as a part of Nebraska’s famous Tunnel Walk. What will that moment feel like for him?

“I think I’m gonna be nervous just to walk through the tunnel, you know what I mean?” he said. “It’s like every Nebraska kid’s dream and it’s pretty rare to be able to do that. I’m blessed to have the opportunity.”

“I’ll probably be a little nervous when I’m coming out. Hopefully I don’t trip when I’m running out. That would be embarrassing in front of 90,000 people.”


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