#ForMilt: A Husker fan’s last request turns into more than just a bet

After Milton Munson's obituary went viral, two local radio hosts have raised over $7,000 to fulfill Munson's final request and donate to a local charity.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – It’s no surprise that the past decade has been difficult for Nebraska football fans, and for Hastings’ Milton Munson he lived through all of it.

Milton passed away last Tuesday and written in his obituary was a final request that, instead of flowers, people place a wager on Nebraska beating Iowa this Friday. And now, thanks to two local radio voices, this unusual request has gone viral and turned into so much more than just a bet.

Omaha radio host Josh Peterson tweeted out pictures of Milton’s obituary Sunday night that quickly caught the eye of hundreds.

“I mean by Sunday night, it had blown up basically unlike any tweet that I’ve ever had before,” Peterson said.

And after reading the funny and relatable obituary written by Milton’s sons, Peterson and Lincoln’s Jack Mitchell started accepting Venmo donations to honor that last wish.

“I sent it out, and it went viral,” Peterson said. “And then Jack has said, ‘Hey, why don’t we do something, you know, I’ll send some money and let’s place a wager like crowd fund and place a wager on Nebraska to beat Iowa.”

Well, one day later and nearly $5,000 donated this got national attention. ESPN personalities, betting websites, Barstool Sports, even Huffington Post did a story on this bet. Jack and Josh then decided for legal and tax reasons to start a GoFundMe with the proceeds benefiting big brothers big sisters of central Nebraska, a charity chosen by the Munson family.

“It provided an avenue for people who wanted to help out and maybe we’re a little skittish on gambling, but we kept $1,000 aside to actually place the wager all in Nebraska, to beat Iowa,” Peterson said.

But how and why did this bet of Husker football go viral? As this story has touched and inspired many across the country not just here in Nebraska.

“Especially this time of year people are thinking about about family,” Mitchell said. “And I think probably about people that they’ve lost.”

Milton sons were honest in their obituary saying Milton suffered from bipolar disorder and addiction that affected much of his life, a family that has dealt with difficulties but still honored their father in a special way.

“Everyone going to Thanksgiving dinner is confronting the complications in their own family life probably the next few days too,” Mitchell said. “And I think there’s I don’t know I think there’s something a little reassuring about despite there being real complications in life, there’s still love, and we’re still family,  and we still want to make we still want to have a tribute for our Dad and we’re proud of that.”

But it’s hard to ignore the obvious passion Milton had for Nebraska football. And at a time when Husker fans so desperately want something to root for it so desperately want to win.

“If it means betting on the game or contributing on behalf of Milt to help Nebraska win the game we think that might help. I think everybody’s willing to do it,” Mitchell said.

“It almost feels like this season could have only ended with everyone truly coming together and wanting Nebraska to beat Iowa for you know to win a game but also because it could mean you know helping out children in central Nebraska,” Peterson said.

“So let’s do this,” Mitchell said. “Let’s do this for someone who’s suffered through the last few years. What was what was disappointing season in a number of seasons at this point.

And if you’re wondering what Milt would have thought about all this, well, trust me – I’m sure he would have loved it.

“And they keep saying to Joshua, they kept saying, ‘Man, I wish my dad can see this. He would he would think this was hilarious. Trev Alberts send flowers to his funeral and he was like oh my gosh, my dad was losing his mind.”


GoFundMe Link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/formilt
Milton’s obituary: https://www.hastingstribune.com/obituaries/milton-a-munson-jr/article_cedf8bb8-48ae-11ec-8762-3f71502fa896.html

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