Inflation is more than a pet peeve for Lincoln cat shelter

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – The Cat House in Lincoln has noticed the effects of inflation.

The volunteer shelter has its hands full. With rising prices, the cost of litter isn’t the only thing hurting it.

The gas prices really have affected us,” said board member and medical coordinator Christine Nieman. “We have cats that need to go to the vet, we have volunteers that are coming in, and all of that running back and forth, you know, not everybody lives here in the neighborhood, so sometimes it’s quite a commute for them.”

While other shelters are dealing with more and more people giving up their pets due to inflation, that’s nothing new at The Cat House.

“We really haven’t had an increase in intake requests,” Nieman said. “It’s pretty heavy this time of year anyway just because of the kitten season.”

Because The Cat House is a no-kill shelter, volunteers often refer cat owners who feel they cannot support their pets anymore to a handful of resources, something that may help many pet owners during a time of inflation.

“There’s a few,” Nieman said. “There is the Coalition for Pet Protection that sometimes can help. Also, the Lincoln Animal Ambassadors is one that we refer to quite a bit.”

If you or someone you know is struggling to support a pet, Nieman said, it’s important to know you have other options.

“Really the best thing for the cats is to stay in their homes, so if we can find a way to help people find what they need to make that happen, we’re going to try to do that,” she said.

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