Influencer claims TikTok challenge caused her heart attack


(CNN) — A new TikTok challenge could land you in the hospital- or worse. It’s called “Dry Scooping.”

Users participating in the challenge will consume pre-workout powder with no liquid.

It sounds harmless, but Erlanger Chief Of Cardiology Dr. Harish Manyam says otherwise.

“You’re getting this high dose of caffeine right away, rather than most people who maybe sip their drink prior to going into the gym,” explained Dr. Manyam. “When you do that, it increases the blood pressure substantially.”

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One influencer even suffered a heart attack after “Dry Scooping” and she’s only 20-years-old.

She posted a TikTok saying, “All right guys so I had a heart attack as most of you guys know from taking this, Red Con Total War.”

The advice from experts is simple: Don’t do it.

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