‘I’ve been in their shoes’: Husker coaches Foley and Knighton talk recruiting

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Nebraska’s coaching staff all have their own approach to recruiting.

For example, defensive line coach Terrance Knighton, a former college and NFL player, says he is able to relate with recruits since he’s gone through the same process.

“I’ve been in their shoes, and I always tell them, ‘Never mind the gray hairs; that’s just from a lot of, you know, recruiting and coaching,'” he said at a Monday press conference.

Knighton’s goal is to find players who represent the program “the right way on and off the field.”

“Whether you’re a five-star guy or a one-star guy, you got to do things the right way,” he said. “And doing coach Rhule’s way, it’s proven to be successful.”

Similar to many in Rhule’s coaching staff, Knighton wants to restore Nebraska’s former glory.

Knighton said he admired Nebraska’s championship-winning teams while he was growing up in the ’90s.

“That’s what we’re trying to get back to, and that’s where it deserves to be,” he said.

Special teams coordinator Ed Foley echoed that sentiment during his portion of the press conference.

“I think there’s a responsibility to bring Nebraska football to a certain place, to have a certain code and a certain way that we do things,” he said.

One of those codes is a strong emphasis on recruiting in-state talent.

Foley has been tasked with traveling to schools across the state to meet recruits, coaches and people in the community.

Twitter users may have also noticed that Foley logs his travels with photos of dishes at local eateries.

Foley said the “local flavor” gives him and high school coaches something to talk about, on top of the normal recruiting questions.

“It makes it more fun,” he said. “I think it’s part of the whole process of figuring out the area, the coaches, the players and all that.”

Foley said his goal is to visit every school in the state, but that could take a few years to accomplish.

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