‘Know and go’: Lincoln experts provide self-defense tips to help kids stay safe

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – With schools starting up again, parents are going to be looking for ways to keep their kids safe.

Scott Walls, the owner and a sensei at the Lincoln Karate Clinic, says he teaches kids about the different types of predators that target children so they can learn to identify them and stay safe.

Walls says one of the most common ones they see is the “helpless stranger.”

They will typically ask a child to help them with doing something, tricking them into coming closer where they can potentially abduct them.

He also says that in most cases when a child is abducted, it’s by a person they already know.

But in cases where a stranger does attempt to pick up children, he teaches his students to “know and go.”

“A lot of times they’re driving around in a car cause they want to make a quick getaway, so what we’re teaching kids is know and go,” Walls said.  “Know the danger and then get out of there as fast as possible.”

Walls said that the most important thing for kids to remember is that if something feels wrong, then they should leave and find a trusted adult as fast as they can.

“If you can’t find a trusted adult, then what we teach our students is to find another mother,” Walls said. “Another mother is simply a woman with kids and where there’s kids, there’s moms and moms will always help other kids.”

There are also a handful of physical methods that Walls uses to teach his students how to fight off an abductor.

The Lincoln Police Department also has some safety tips on what parents should go over with their children before school starts on Aug. 15.

They say that younger kids should walk with a trusted adult, and kids over the age of 10 can walk with friends.

Parents should also go over safe routes with their children, ones that avoid any dangerous shortcuts.

Police also say that kids should never take rides from strangers and if someone tries to stop or talk to them, they should walk away.

If necessary, the child should get to the nearest trusted adult or call the police.

Parents can also provide their kids with a cell phone for emergencies once they are old enough to handle one.

LPD recommends going to www.safekidslincoln.org for more safety tips.

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